…  is a series of Balance Auditory Visual 
eXercises of varied complexity using sand bags, 
racquetballs, and balance boards, drawing 
on the fundamental importance of pattern and 
rhythm. The Bal-A-Vis-X® (BAVX) system is easily 
applied at schools, after-school and seniors 
programs, therapeutic and home settings to 
support people across a wide range of ages and developmental levels.

See this news report on a school that has adopted Bal-A-Vis-X®. It includes comments from Bal-A-Vis-X® creator Bill Hubert and various examples of Bal-A-Vis-X® in action to see ways that it benefits students and people of all ages.


Bal-A-Vis-X® Level 1, 2 
with Adaptive & Academic Applications

While Tendril Kinetics integrates techniques from BAVX into its range of methods, our sponsored trainings in Western Massachusetts are currently on hiatus. We encourage people who are interested in BAVX to click on the links below. 

Bal-A-Vis-X® Level 1, 2 with Adaptive & Academic Applications 
is a combined 17-hour training focused on active, participatory learning of the fundamental Bal-A-Vis-X® principles, rhythms, patterns and procedures with the first 125 exercises as well as a live student demonstration. In addition, modifications of exercises are introduced in order to learn adaptations for the very young, seniors, and/or those with moderate to several special needs. As well, instruction focuses on specific applications for academic goals.

To learn more about Bal-A-Vis-X®, visit or visit

Bal-A-Vis-X ® is a registered trademark of  Bal-A-Vis-X ®, Inc. Originated by Bill Hubert, Wichita, KS.


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