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Move your body! Grow your brain!
Explore the foundations of neurofitness in a 
dynamic, playful, heart-centered space.

What is neurofitness?
Moving or engaging the body in ways that follow the natural progression of motor and sensory development and consider the critical role of reflexes, the senses and gross to fine motor skills in supporting healthy brain growth for people of all ages and abilities!

Why this approach?
Science is discovering that movement, along with mindfulness practices, are the most effective ways for the brain to develop new pathways to learning. Neurofitness, or “mindful movement”, enhances skills essential for formal learning, daily life management, physical coordination, behavioral and emotional well-being, and relationship building.  Here are some of the many skill areas neurofitness supports:

Who is this for?
Because we all have brains and bodies, neurofitness is beneficial for individuals of all ages and abilities. More specifically, along with movement being a key to new learning, science has also revealed that our brains have the ability to grow new pathways at an age - referred to as “brain plasticity.” 

What classes are available?

        We are on hiatus. Stay tuned for future classes!
Mindful Moves! Neurofitness for Adults
in the Pioneer Valley

In this 8-session series, participants engage
in dynamic movement and sensory 
exercises that help with common 
concerns as we age - physical 
coordination, balance, memory, 
vision, hearing, sleep, keeping 
organized, and daily life skills 
like driving and cooking.

Rather than cardiovascular exercise, this class focuses on the quality of movement, activating our senses, building mindfulness 
techniques, and how this engagement 
relates to brain health and daily life function. It weaves 
together highly interactive, playful activities with quiet,
internal moments to create a calm yet energized 

Appropriate for adults of all ages who can move with 
relative ease, even if assisted with a walker. For those 
with more involved mobility or neurological issues, please 
consider the clinic series (see below).

Kids’ series are currently on hiatus 
Smart Start! Neurofitness Classes for Kids
in the Pioneer Valley
3 - 5 year olds with Caregiver (Preschool group)
5 - 10 year olds  (K-4 group)

Please contact Tendril Kinetics if you are interested in kid classes 
or if you’d like to have Tendril Kinetics come to your community 
to offer classes or workshops 
(homeschool groups, school programs, early childhood centers, etc...)

Tentative - New Pilot Program Starting Fall 2018! 
Neuromovement Therapeutic Clinic 
for Adults and their Caregivers
Therapeutic clinic series to begin in fall 2018
in Northampton, Mass

This is a unique opportunity designed to benefit adults with a range of physical and neurological challenges such as brain injuries, strokes, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, early onset dementia, or long-standing special needs.... but with a twist. Caregivers participate alongside them and learn ways to safely and effectively integrate hands-on movement and sensory techniques to improve daily functioning and address a range of the specific challenges that come along with their conditions. Neuromovement Consultant Emily Hodos has developed this opportunity to create a more affordable way to receiving her services as well as to bring people together who often feel isolated in their experience. Each clinic series will be limited to no more than 4 teams (adult with needs and his/her caregiver.) Each session will include time to learn and practice a range of integrative movement and sensory exercises, practice simple mindfulness techniques, and reflect as a group to deepen the experience and identify successes and challenges.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please click on this link to answer a few questions that will help determine the time and frequency of the sessions and provide some information about your goals and needs.

  Gross to fine motor movement
  Hand-eye coordination
  Visual Perception
  Auditory Perception
  Body awareness 

  Attention and focus
  Behavioral & emotional regulation
  Language and social skills

ph: 413.588.7896

vm: 800.388.7110

For general info on Smart Start! classes, click heresmart_start_class_flyer.html
See Spring 2017 brochureneurofitness_adults_flyer.html
Click for clinic interest survey
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